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Are you looking for an Authentic Indian Restaurant In Oakville?

For Indians, food is an integral part of culture and tradition and this holds true for Indian cuisine. In India there are regional differences that can be seen when dishes and prepared are served across different regions of the country. Authentic, Regional Indian food is much different than what most North American Indians eat and we at Uday’s Food Factory are proud to offer one of the best Indian food delivery in Oakville. Our aim is to prepare and deliver authentic, regional Indian dishes across the city of Oakville.

Oakville is a city in Southern Ontario, located in Halton Region, and is the most populous inland city in the province. It’s approximately a 40 minute drive from downtown Toronto. Lucky for Oakville residents hungry for delicious Lamb Curry or butter chicken, Uday’s Food Facory is an Indian restaurant delivering these dishes right here in Oakville, to your home or office.

butter chicken udays food factory

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken, traditionally known as Murgh Makhani, is a type of curry made from chicken with a spiced tomato and butter sauce. Its sauce is known for its rich texture. In addition sometimes...

Lamb Curry

With our Lamb Curry we’ve managed to put a new spin on an old classic. An Indian lamb curry with a heady combination of intense spices in a creamy tomato curry sauce. ...

rice udays food factory

Ghee Basmati Rice

Ghee Rice is a popular dish in North India as an everyday rice dish. It is easy to prepare, unlike biryani. "Ghee” is clarified butter, better understood as butter that has been simmered...

Authentic, Healthy and Delicious Indian Food delivery in Oakville.

Udays Food Factory ensures that customers have a delicious, healthy and safe meal every time. All our dishes are prepared fresh with organic ingredients and flash-frozen This can be seen in the textures and flavors of each dish we deliver. 

There are several reason as to why you should use Indian Food delivery in Oakville from us:

  1. Our dishes are authentic. All of our dishes are made with fresh ingredients, each ingredient has its own interesting taste and texture. Most importantly, we offer selection  of dishes that suit a wide range of tastes and dietary restrictions. Many people are interested in eating Indian food because they love the tastes and textures combined with the culture associated with it.
  2. Home Delivery Service – At Uday’s Food Factory our Indian Food Delivery in Oakville is done by our in-house team. This allows us to offer affordable and quick delivery. Even though the hours are limited, the quality of the food is top-notch, and this service is accessible to all. The same goes for our food Pick Up Service in Oakville.
  3. Many people find it convenient to have their meals delivered to their homes since they can then heat up the dishes at their convenience.
indian food delivery in oakville

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy authentic and healthy Indian food in Oakville, you should look no further than Uday’s Food Factory.  Take advantage of our Indian Food delivery in Oakville and enjoy finger-licking delicious Indian food.

We proudly service the cities of Burlington, Oakville and Milton